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At the heart of the Tips & Tricks Codebook, you shouldn't be surprised to find cheat codes, passwords and tips for all your favorite games. We have been finding, documenting and archiving video game cheats since the late 1980s, and our code database is the most accurate and reliable source of cheats in the world.

What makes it so great? For starters, every single code has been tested and confirmed to work on an actual retail copy of the game in question. We don't just gather codes from random sources and print them without verification; we actually load up the games and enter the codes ourselves to make sure that they do exactly what we say they do. Every code gets tested. We also give you specific instructions on where and when the codes should be entered, and we even describe the messages or sounds that you can expect to confirm that the codes have been accepted. The result of these painstaking methods? Codes that are guaranteed to work, every time, the first time you try to enter them.

"But why should I buy the Codebook when I can get codes online for free?" Because a surprising number of those online cheats don't work. Because we have cheat codes in every issue that can't be found anywhere online. Because our codes are organized by system, neatly sorted in alphabetical order for quick reference, in a convenient package that you can carry with you anywhere. And if you think you don't need cheats to beat a game, know this: Not all codes make the games easier. Some of them give you extra options, like secret characters or bonus content that you can't unlock just by playing the game. And some codes actually make the games harder!

The Tips & Tricks Codebook includes cheats for all the current systems, but we occasionally dig into our archives to include codes for older systems like the original PlayStation, Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, Xbox, GameCube, Game Boy Advance, Saturn, Super NES, Genesis, Game Boy, NES and more. If that doesn't make your eyelids twitch with nervous excitement, you may not be the hardcore video game fanatic you thought you were.

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